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We have been destined to death

Света через год после прохождения программыMy name is Sveta. I am now 23 years old. I spent six of those years in a narcotic hell. I thought I was so cool when ...

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Now we have been delivered

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Others are still waiting for help to come. Find out how you can PARTICIPATE.


What I have seen for myself

My name is Deah Rice and I am a volunteer at the Good Samaritan central office in St. Petersburg. I am an American.  I only came to Russia two months ago, but I have been blessed to work alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ in this ministry since I arrived.

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поучаствуйте в опросе

Я благодарен за свою трезвую жизнь
Thinking of getting involved? You can!
Автор: Valery Tolkachev   

Support a Rehab Center leader

All of the leaders in Rehab Centers are ex drug addicts themselves. They have been there, they've been freed from addiction and they are willing to serve the Lord in helping those that are still on drugs.

It have been noted that Rehab ministy produces people, who are very thankfull to God. Most of them have lost all they had, they no longer hoped for any escape out of their situation and were ready to die. But suddenly, when they have experienced conversion to Christ and His help in Rehabilitation centers, when they have regained what they have lost, and even more -- they have very real thankfullness to God. So with zeal an pleasure many of them go into full time service.

What you can expect from us:

  • That you will be offered a choise of whom you would like to support in ministry. Single unmarried men or women will require less than, for example, married couples, or those who are sent out to other regions to start new work there. Normally amount of nesessary support per person would vary between 100 and 350 USD.
  • That you will be receiving newslettters from the person you support, so that you can be informed of what is going on in his or her life and ministry.
  • That every person whom we recommend for support has been tested in character and skills and is approved by our ministry

Write to us at Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript . We will be glad to contact you and present you with more information.

Adopt a new Rehab Center plant

Doing what we can in a given situation, in most of the cases we nevertheless can very well profit from a "push" from aside of ourselves. Having devoted partners that are helping us in our projects can actually make a huge difference in time, in effectiveness, and as we oursevles always remember - in the quantity of people we help and in the quality of what we do.

What can your help and involvement look like? See our case study of what can be achieved through a single partnership, in a single location. We will share with you a real example of how Christian friends from Norway have been able to tremendously assist our development in Vyborg Rahab Center, Leningrad region.

Case study: Vyborg Rehabilitation Center "House of Hope"

What you can expect from us:

  • That you will have options to chose from, ranging between those that are comparatively easy to more difficult "pioneering situations". We do have quite a number of requests from Churches in various locations for staring local Rehab Centers there. So you may be very certain that this work is really on demand.
  • That you will be directly connected with people working on the field and will have a real-time access to how their ministry is going on, to their needs and blessing from God that they experience. We will try our best to make it a joint ministry, where both parties are involved in real work.
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