Novosibirsk, Siberia - building bridges for effective outreach Печать
Автор: Valery Tolkachev   

On February, 20 Vladimir Ezhov and Valery Tolkachev have visited Novosibirsk to see social work, organized there by the local Baptist Churches.

Siberia is one of the regions in Russia, where Baptist Churches are very strong and dedicated to the case of Christ. It was during the Soviet times, when believers have been expelled here from Moscow and Leningrad and other important for the regime places, where authorities would not tolerate Christian faith. Here, in relative freedom, Church survived better. And it was exactly here, in Siberia, that our brothers and sisters dedicated themselves to the ministry with drug and alcohol addicts.

Four and a half years ago it was Siberia (Krasnoyarsk) that sent their representatives to the North-West region so that our first three Rehab Centers could be started. Now we have been flying to one other Siberian region, Novosibirsk, to selebrate with them 8-th anniversary of the Social Ministry there. We also wanted to get aquainted better with their leadership.

Fruits of there ministry we saw are truly impressive. During these 8 years more than 600 men and women, predominantly young, came to Christ and into the local Churches - out the misery of heavy drug addiction. When there was a call during the Celebration Service to stand up for all those who came to Christ through Rahab Centers - somewhere between one third and one half of all those present stood up. Praise the Lord!

One of the aims we see before us now is using the potential of this ministry in North-West region and in Siberia to expand this highly effective work all over Russia and into other slavonic countries, thus saving thousands and thousands of drug adducts from sure death.

On the pictures below:

Us on the conference - representatives from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

Coordinators workshop, led by Vladimir Ezhov, brother responsible now for development of Rehabilitation ministry in Russian Baptist Union. All of these men are ex drug addicts, except of Vladimir himself.

Celebration Service in one of the Baptist Churches in Novosibirsk.

Regional coordinators. Standing second from left is Andrej. Eight years ago he was picked up at a summer house, dying from apostasis, and he was the first one who was taken to the Centers from his region. He came to Christ, and now he is coordinating social work in Novosibirsk. They have 6 Rehabilitation Centers in the region.