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We have been destined to death

Света через год после прохождения программыMy name is Sveta. I am now 23 years old. I spent six of those years in a narcotic hell. I thought I was so cool when ...

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What I have seen for myself

My name is Deah Rice and I am a volunteer at the Good Samaritan central office in St. Petersburg. I am an American.  I only came to Russia two months ago, but I have been blessed to work alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ in this ministry since I arrived.

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Я благодарен за свою трезвую жизнь
Third women Rehab Center is about to start in Leningrad region PDF Печать E-mail
Автор: Valery Tolkachev   
31.03.2009 15:12

Thank God that at long last, after much expectation and prayer, He has allowed us to start organizing the third  Social Rehabilitation Center For Women, this time in the Vyborg Region. The first and largest center is located in the Mezhozerniy village, Luga region. Nineteen sisters in Christ are consistently stay there. Nine more are placed in the center in the town of Lomonosov, where they are organized on the second floor of the House of Prayer.

Thus, on Sunday the 25th of January, three sisters from the Luzhskogo center, headed by Natalia Kosolapova who answers for the women’s rehabilitation program, went to the small two-room apartment in the Voroshilov settlement. The first weeks will be used to finish settling everything in and preparing to conduct the program. And then the center may already start receiving its first rehabilitants.

Accommodation in the apartment is planned to be temporary. Our long-time friends from Norway promised to help with placing the women’s center in its own building. After many councils and consultations it was decided to not get involved in building a new building, but to seek out an already constructed building which could then in a short time be moved into, and settled into, and could be gradually and continually improved as we usually do. This strategy proved to be the most effective and economical from both the financial and time-constraint point of view, and in regards to the question of household efforts.

In the pictures:

On the road from Luga to Vyborg.

Two o’clock in the morning and only arriving at the destination.

The room still has traces of the hasty wire repairs. But it doesn’t matter, after only two days in here it will be the perfect example of order and coziness. Here new souls will hear Christ’s gospel, think about their lives and them making their first steps towards meeting God and His redeeming grace.

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