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We have been destined to death

Света через год после прохождения программыMy name is Sveta. I am now 23 years old. I spent six of those years in a narcotic hell. I thought I was so cool when ...

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What I have seen for myself

My name is Deah Rice and I am a volunteer at the Good Samaritan central office in St. Petersburg. I am an American.  I only came to Russia two months ago, but I have been blessed to work alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ in this ministry since I arrived.

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Я благодарен за свою трезвую жизнь
What I have seen for myself
Автор: Deah Rice   

My name is Deah Rice and I am a volunteer at the Good Samaritan central office in St. Petersburg. I am an American.  I only came to Russia two months ago, but I have been blessed to work alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ in this ministry since I arrived.

Since you are on this website, I am assuming that you are interested in this ministry and what God is doing here. Since I play such a minor role in this ministry I know the picture I paint you will be incomplete, but I will do my best to tell you what I see here. Everyday when I walk the streets of St. Petersburg I see people hurting and living in slavery to their own addiction.  The epidemic is HUGE and while I’ve only been in St. Petersburg so far I know the problem spans across Russia.  While I walk on the street I sometimes see the Good Samaritan Flyers pasted on the walls. I rejoice when I see the little information tabs pulled off and I pray that God will give the person who took it the strength and the desire to go to rehab and to surrender to God’s life-changing love.

At the office I see men and women come in, many of them physically bruised and battered, and all of them spiritually hurting. Some of them seem to consider themselves hopeless. Some of them, despite everything they have gone through, have a fire in their eyes that craves sobriety and new life. Most of them come in with their mothers or other loved ones. Their mothers usually seem just as emotionally hurting as their addicted children. Their children give up on all things good and chase after drugs and alcohol until they have nothing left. That would break any mother’s heart. The addicts and alcoholics who have the drive go to rehab.

While they are at rehab, we have meetings for the parents once a week. Many of the women aren’t believers, and many of them are. We read the Bible together, sing hymns, talk about urgent matters, share prayer requests, and pray. A few people who have already gone through the program come too, and so do some of the men who are nearing the end of their eight month program. These former addicts and alcoholics give their testimonies (although their presence and radiant joy and freedom in Christ is a visible testimony in and of itself). I know their presence and testimonies encourage the mothers and I see the hope reappear in their eyes.

As I mentioned before, the program is an eight month program. The rehabilitants go through two months of rehabilitation and six months of adaptation. Unfortunately, I cannot be your eyes and ears about what goes on there because I haven’t had the opportunity to go yet. What I can tell you is the clear results I see in the people leaving rehab and my brothers and sisters serving here beside me, most of whom came to Christ while they were in rehab. The difference is undeniable between those who enter rehab and those leaving rehab. The people coming out of Rehab have a glow of joy and purpose. When they go back home they are a testament to every person who ever met them that Christ’s love turns the old into new, and the sinner into a saint! This gives hope to more addicts searching for a way out so that many more come to rehab and experience that same Love.

Some of the graduates felt called to start a little house church that meets in a local Auto School. That church is absolutely thriving and is the church I go to. I love that church with my whole heart. I am a foreigner who can barely speak the language but their patience and love for me is a testament to the fruit of the Spirit that God is producing in them. I have never seen a tighter, more loving community of believers than my brothers and sisters at this little church, and the truth they teach is as sharp as a two-edged sword. The church is growing as more parents and former addicts are attending. Of course, this church is not really a part of the Good Samaritan ministry itself. I mention it because it is a fruit of the ministry. It is amazing that enough people have been transformed and made hungry for Christ in St. Petersburg alone that there is enough to make up a whole church. Praise the Lord!

As much as I am amazed at the fruits of the labor here, the HARVEST IS GREAT! Pray to the LORD to send more workers for the harvest! Pray that the Lord would provide all of the needs of the ministry! Pray that the Lord would have the seed fall on the soft, fertile ground! Pray that the Lord would plow the rocky ground so that in the future it too will be fertile! Pray for this ministry in any and every way you feel compelled to by the Holy Spirit! God is at work here, and I know it is His will to expand this ministry He has already blessed so very much. To do that I believe He will call some of you reading this now to give your time, prayer, money, and/or resources to provide for the needs of this beautiful ministry. I pray that whatever God is calling you to do, that He would enable you to do it with joy. God bless you! I hope you are encouraged to hear what God is doing on this part of the globe, and thank you so much for your prayers!

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