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We have been destined to death

Света через год после прохождения программыMy name is Sveta. I am now 23 years old. I spent six of those years in a narcotic hell. I thought I was so cool when ...

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Now we have been delivered

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What I have seen for myself

My name is Deah Rice and I am a volunteer at the Good Samaritan central office in St. Petersburg. I am an American.  I only came to Russia two months ago, but I have been blessed to work alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ in this ministry since I arrived.

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Я благодарен за свою трезвую жизнь
Social work have been started in Kaliningrad PDF Печать E-mail
Автор: Valery Tolkachev   
20.08.2008 20:53

Finally, after many months of preparations, a team from "Good Samaritan" has left Saint-Petersburg and moved to Kaliningrad. Their purpose is to start the first, initial Center in Kaliningrad, expanding then ministry furhter on around the whole of Kaliningrad region.

Part of drug-addicts will be sent to existing Rehab Centers in Leningrad region, and some will be able already to go through the Rehabilitation program in Kaliningrad itself.

See on the pictures below:

Aleksander Ivanets, an ex drug addict himself and now a leader of Rehabilitation Center in Kaliningrad, shares in the Central Baptist Church about his life before Christ and after conversion to Him.

Working on the streets of Kalinigrad. "Choose life" can be read on this poster, and this is exactly the invitation that is given to those who are still in this problem of drug addiction.

Rehabilitation Center is situated right on the premises of a local Baptist Church in Kaliningrad. We are very thankful for all the possibilities like this, for purchasing or even renting space may often be quite a difficulty.

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