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Автор: Valery Tolkachev   
31.03.2009 03:51
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Rehab Center in Vyborg area
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Thank you, Lord! And the work has begun ...
A building crew from Norway
Growth and expansion
Final analysis: this can happen again
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Two years passed away since the time when in 2004 the work with drug and alcohol addicts has begun in the North-West district of Russia. During the first year three first Rehab Centers have been started with the help from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Now all these centers were full, results of the work seemed to be very positive. We started to get requests from other regions in Russia to come and organize more Rehabilitation Centers.

So by the end of the year 2006 a Center have been started in Priozersk in a building, provided temporarily by a small business, and one more in Vologda region in a house, donated by a local pastor. We started to pray for Vyborg area, located North to Saint-Petersburg, to the border with Finland. How can a Center be started here as well? By that time we had nothing here, except of a strong desire to establish such a work and help people.

First of all we needed some building that can be used toward that end. We have tried several possibilities, one of them was an old, falling apart building previously used by a local hospital (see pictures below). It was in terrible condition and we plead with local authorities if we they can give / sell it to us, but they would not do it.

We tried other things, but couldn't find anything. After a while, at winter time, we have been invited to look at a buiding which was for sale and which was very good for a Rehab Center. First we even didn't want to go, for we didn't have even close to such amounts of money anyhow. But then we went and looked at it anyhow.

It was an empty house where nobody lived for already quite a while. It was empty and cold. Heating system was not functional, electricity was partly present only on the first floor. It woul've be really a good option for a Rehab Center ... but well, we don't have the money and we don't know where to get them from. With these thoughts we left this place, never taking it seriously that one day it will be full of people, praising the Lord for their salvation.


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